Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Not The Optimal Start

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Good Morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! Team USA is the beginning of the World Cup of Hockey on Saturday, and they do not go to the best start losing 3-0 Team Europe.

Of course, I have included the opening match of the Hockey World Cup, when I returned home from my sons baseball game to see Patrick Kane back on the ice again.

The US team did not look inspiring a little, I watched them giving from 2 to 1 goal late in the first period, which put Team Europe in full Trots defense shut down mode.

Then something that happens at least once a game in Chicago took place in Toronto on the ice for the US team in the second period when Patrick Kane Jersey tried to take over the shift of dancing around with the puck and circled all the offensive end of the ice. Continue reading


Chicago Blackhawks among favorites to win the Stanley Cup in 2017

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When it comes to tournaments in NHL pattern formation it has been made as of the second half: every other year, wins the Chicago Black Hawks Jersey.

Well, almost. They are, they won in 2013, they won in 2015 and won … in 2010.

The point of if you go in the basic pattern, there is – there is no upper limit of the salary has been trying to dismantle the Black Hawks, referring to the fact that, while the intact many of their core – Hawks cause of a kind is.

Last year’s champion, tied with Pittsburgh Penguins, top odds of NHL: for that, Bovada has given 9/1 odds to win them this season in the Stanley Cup. Black Hawks are also favored to win the Western Conference at 9/2 odds, Bovada is a probability of 3/1, we are like them in order to win the increasingly tough Central Division.

What kind of changes that happen no matter how through over the years, not to seem to have changed at all in one thing: you will not be able to count the out Blackhawks.